Carrying strap for MP-38/40

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Carrying strap for German submashine gun MP-40 (Maschinenpistole 1938 u. 40), the main automatic weapon of the German army of World War II. Made of thick genuine leather, painted brown. On the smooth side of the skin, a diamond-shaped notch is applied so that the belt does not slip in the hands and does not glare. Steel fittings in black paint.

Standard (single) size.

It has 3 holes for the peg, although usually such belts had 2 holes. Therefore, it is sold cheaper.

Historical reference.

The MP-38/40 submachine gun was designed by Heinrich Vollmer. The development was based on the earlier EMP36 model. MP-38/40 is often called Schmeisser, although H. Schmeisser himself is not involved in the development of this particular weapon. He developed another MP-28 model, elements of which were used in the development of the MP-41 model. However, neither the MP-28 nor the MP41 saw widespread use. H. Schmeisser owned only a patent for the design of the store and the receiver for it with a latch in the form of a button, which was also used in a number of other systems. The stamp of the patent with the name of Schmeisser was on the stores for the MP-41, and later was found on the stores for the MP-38/40.

Initially, the MP38 / 40 submachine gun was equipped with tankers, motorized infantry, paratroopers and commanders of infantry squads. By the end of the war, it was used relatively massively in the infantry. In addition, it received good distribution in parts of the SS and the construction battalion, "Organization Todt". During the war, 1,101,019 MP-40s were produced. In the USSR, it was used as a captured weapon. And even today it is found in the arsenal of some third world countries.