Cover carrier for folding shovel

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The carrier-case for a German folding shovel (German: Klappspaten). Earliest model. The model with a closed back and a flap that completely covers the top edge of the shovel. Rare model made of genuine leather.

Vegetable tanned leather, painted on the smooth side with black paint, as it was in the original. The thickness of the skin is about 3 mm. The manufacturer's mark is affixed to the back wall of the case. All metal parts are made of steel and painted in a basic gray color.

The details of the cover are cut out on the press with a leather cutter and sewn by hand, which guarantees its neat appearance. Natural (not synthetic) unpainted threads were used for sewing. The quality of assembly and processing is very high!

Price for 1 cover carrier.

The spade that can be seen in the photos are given for understanding the color and size of the product, is not included in the price of this product.

Historical reference.

The folding shovel (German: Klappspaten) first entered service with the German army in 1938. The blade of such a shovel can be fixed in 3 positions: fully opened (to dig), half-opened at an angle of 90 degrees (to shovel the earth) and folded position when carrying in a case.

The model of the cover underwent changes over time, the following models were produced: 

  • with a large lid that completely covers the upper edge of the shovel, it is also a case with a "suitcase" lid (up to and including 1941);
  • instead of the upper lid, there is a thick strap in the center, and at the bottom there is a metal holder for the blade of the shovel (since 1941 inclusive, massively since 1942).

Cases for folding shovels made of leather are quite rare, as are cases with a "suitcase" flap. Since already in 1941, leatherette (Press-Stoff) was used for these cases, and the suitcase flap began to be replaced with a strap in order to simplify and save money.


Original leather case with a “suitcase” lid. More photos on the website