Strap for gasmask can / box

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The gas mask strap was used throughout the war on any type of German box.

Price per set for one gas box. The set consists of a long strap with a buckle and a peg, a short strap with a hook and a peg, and the smallest for sewing on the lock of the tank (without thread).

Straps are assembled by hand, the loops are overstiched on a special buttonhole machine. We used a specially selected thin strap of pale green color (cold shade). The strap is woven of natural thread. On cheaper copies they often use a thick sling (dog leash) of khaki (yellow-brown) colour, that is incorrect.

Hooks are original aluminum, without stamps (perhaps they were made after the war, but clearly on the same equipment). The same can be said about the buckles. Pegs — aluminum, new made.

There is a common misconception that the straps must necessarily be with leather tips and spacers. In practice, more often there were completely cloth straps (like here), and leather-reinforced ones came across from 1940 to 1942, as an option. Later this option met with rubberized tips.