Book: German soldiers (A. Sáiz)

This book is about book German soldier of WW2: uniform, equpment and private belongings. You will find almost all items of Third Reich Heer soldier on 312 full-coloured pages . From the very beginning to the end of war, both pictures of original items and their history in small texts.A bible for Wehrmacht reenactor!Book is in English + original names of items. Condition: new, packed. LanguageEnglishFormat305х220 (А4), width 25 ммPages312Paper and coverglossy, hardcoverPublisherAndrea press, UKYear of publication2008, many reprints..

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Book: U.S. forces in Vietnam, G. Rousseaux

Guide to the uniform of the US military in Vietnam (1962-67). Each spread is dedicated to one type of form. Color photos, all objects are original, not complicated descriptions for illustrations.LanguageEnglishFormat200х240 (А4 -), width 8 ммPages66Paper and coverglossy, softcoverPublisherHistoire&Collections, FranceYear of publication2012..

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Book: World War One soldiers, L. Mirouze

Photo and description of the uniform of the First World War of all participating countries. Original items, color photographs. A great guide for the novice collector and reenactor!LanguageEnglishFormat165х230 (А4 -), толщина 11 ммPages84Paper and coverglossy, softcoverPublisherHistoire&Collections, FranceYear of publication2013..

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Book: Infantry Firing Course 1943

The course of firing from infantry weapons (wartime). People's Commissariat of Defense (Народный Комиссариат Обороны), Moscow, Military Publishing, 1943 - 116 p. illustrations, drawings. Signed for publication on 7/7/1943.The course of fire includes: shooting from a carbine (rifle), sniper rifle, submachine gun, light machine gun, machine gun (large-caliber) machine gun, pistol (revolver), throwing grenades, observing and determining distances, tactical exercises from combat shooting.Size 11.5x17x0.5 cm, 116 pages. There is a handwritten signature: Western Front, 10th Army. The original wartime!..

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Book: Les (A. Volchkov)

A book about modern war archeology. History of 2 men with shovels that met occasionally in forest. It immerse to strange Russian war forest atmosphere that usually hidden from a routine man.LanguageRussianFormat120х176 (А5-), width 9 mmPages160Paper and covercoated, soft, flaps contain photoPublisherEditus, MoscowYear of publication2012..

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