Product Returns

According to our Rules you can exchange or return the item within 14 days. After this period, you can return defective items. Making a return is simple:

call us by phone or write in free form on e-mail, WhatsApp or Skype.

We will deal with the situation and arrange a refund.

Refund takes place like this:

1. Make sure that the item you return is not worn or washed. You can try it on, but it must remain new to hand it to the next buyer. We will be pleased if you save packaging and labels, but it is not obligatory.

2. If you want to change a an item, make sure that it is available on our website and order it! Secify that you return another item in the comments (items do not have to be the same; for example, you can change a cap for field bottle spare parts and get the difference in money). You will receive a standard invoice by e-mail, do not rush to pay it! Within 24 hours, the store administrator will review the situation and send you an e-mail about who will pay what. He will also provide the return address and suggest the simplest and fastest ways to send.

3. Send the goods to us and report the tracking number (it is on the reciept). If the return is due to our fault (we confused the goods or you found a defect, and we confirmed), then we will refund the cost of shipping and packing according to docs. If the exchange is at your request, then the cost is on you.

4. Often we send the goods as soon as we receive the tracker from you. But as a rule, we send when we get the old ones and make sure that they are OK.