Chin strap for SSh-36

Chin-strap for SSh-36 helmet (helmet with a crest). Made of leather with tarpaulin reinforcement on the inside. Steel buckle...

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Chin strap for SSh-36 canvas

Chin strap for helmets SSh-36 (helmet with crest, SSh-36 means steel helmet model of 1936). Made of canvas, stitched in three lines with a dense overlock reinforcement at the end of the strap for reliability and ease of use. Steel buckle.Suitable for military-historical reconstruction, additions to collections and thematic exhibitions...

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Helmet SSh-36 Khalkingolka with the star

An excellent copy of the SSh-36 helmet made of non-hardened steel. The shape of the sphere is very good. The design of the liner is replicated in all details. The helmet is painted in the correct green color with a red star on the front (a late type of star that was applied in 1938-1939 before the appearance of the SSh-39).A steel replica of the helmet allows you to use it in reenactment without fear of damage. Nowadays, either restored SSh-36 helmets are available, which can expose a layer of putty or even crack on impact, or helmets made of plastic that are afraid of impacts. In the case of a steel helmet, impacts, on the contrary, will give it an aged, combat look...

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Liner to Soviet helmet SSh-36

A copy of the liner (amortisation part) for the SSh-36 helmet. The liner kit consists of several parts as below.soft part of the liner : leatherette (made of artificial leather) tulle on a rim made of hard cardboard with a sponge shock absorber, vault made of historically typical cotton fabric;corrugated metal bumper (installed between the helmet and balaclava as a shock absorber and for ventilation);a set of accessories for fastening the line (rivets, earrings for the chin strap, mustache fasteners) and a strap to the balaclava (clasps).The chin strap can be purchased separately on our website. We have 2 types: leather and full canvas.The cotton arch (soft part) in the upper part is adjustable (adjusted) with a cord for a proper fit on the head (so that the helmet worn on the..

52.50 €

Helmet SH-40 strap on rivet

Soviet helmet, original from military warehouses, model 1940, produced in the 1950s. Not repainted (original factory paint). Canvas strap with rivets (clasps). There is one helmet of the 2nd size with a sewn strap, it is marked separately when choosing the size (if not already sold). 3 pillows of the liner are made of black dermatin.All paints are new from storage. Everything is in a noble patina (white patina). All have traces of long-term storage in poor conditions (areas of rust or water stains outside or inside the dome). Examples are shown in the photo. We don't have helmets in perfect storage condition! We can take a picture of a specific helmet for you before buying. The condition of the helmet is very good, but not new. The helmets are ready for immediate use in the military-his..

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Liner to Soviet helmet SSh-39

A copy of the liner (amortisation part) for the SSh-39 helmet. The liner kit consists of several parts as below:steel hoop with stands (paws) for mounting into the helmet (rivets are also included);soft part of the liner: dermatin (artificial leather) crown detail with a vault made of cotton fabric (as used for Soviet uniforms) and felt padding + a set of steel clamps (metal brackets) for fixing on a steel hoop;a set of accessories for the chin strap (rivets-clasps for attaching to the helmet and a steel buckle).The chin strap can be taken from the SSh-40 helmet of later releases or made from a khaki sling. The strap buckle has a clearance of 20,5 mm (suitable for slings up to 19-20 mm wide).The metal frame is riveted to the body with three racks so that there is a free space of about 15 m..

52.50 €

Stamp/seal of rubber for helmet SSH-39/40 RKKA USSR

Proven quality stamp. We use such by ourselves when take goods to the warehouse. All dimensions correspond to the original, the stamp is made from the original print!Be careful, do not be fooled! Our stamps are made from rubber, not from a cheap disposable material that is commonly used to make office seals. The seals are designed to work with water-based inks, and quickly get out of order from other inks. And our stamps allow you to use alcohol and solvent based paints and are designed for long use.Stamp price + all helmet sizes (so you can use any number). Accordingly, the base of the 1940 die is more expensive, and the growth figures are cheaper. What is currently on sale can be selected next to the Add to cart button.How to use stamps?The stamp is designed for use with paints..

7.35 €

Flora camo cap

Cap from dense cotton fabric in a camouflage "Flora". It has turn-down ears, along with the backseat, which protects the head well in bad weather, and is embedded in the form fixed on the top with two buttons. In the visor elastic insert.The cap is original, made for the Russian army, decommissioned from army warehouses...

1.05 €

Budyonovka 1927 border guards

"Budyonovka" is made of gray cloth and has green (shade clother to sea wave colour) star, enamel star included and installed! Service branch: border guards. Lapels can be lowered and fastened under the chin. Brass or steel buttons (may be different from those in the photo, ask what are on a particular cap that you are going to buy).This copy has nothing to do with cheap souvenirs you can find cheaper. We sell a quality copy suitable for reenactment...

33.60 €

Budyonovka M27 infantry

"Budyonovka" is made of gray cloth and has crimson-colour star, enamel star included and installed! Service branch: infantry. Lapels can be lowered and fastened under the chin. Brass or steel buttons (may be different from those in the photo, ask what are on a particular cap that you are going to buy).This copy has nothing to do with cheap souvenirs you can find cheaper. We sell a quality copy suitable for reenactment...

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Red Army hat with earflaps Ushanka brown fur

Winter hat with earflaps of the Red Army — "Ushanka" (literally from Russian: earflapped hat). It also suitable for Wehrmacht, SS, Luftwaffe reenactment and other armies of the Second World War). Faux brown cropped fur. Gray cloth (it may appear bluish or brown in different lighting). Cotton or viscose lining (material obtained from wood through a chemical reaction). Rectangular dome (Soviet model). The dome is additionally insulated. There are vague ink marks inside the cap on the dome.The sizes are only those that are available for selection next to the Add to cart button. Other sizes are not expected. Caps were stored in a flat form, and were fashioned and stretched on a special device before they were brought to our warehouse. The actual size was determined. Caps often s..

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Original USSR Red Army side-cap Pilotka

The side-cap or Pilotka ("pilot cap" in Russian) is made of khaki cotton, double "diagonal" (shareware). Different manufacturer stamps for the 1970s. The cap is completely identical to those produced in the 1940s, suitable for reenactment and collections for the Second World War.A star was attached to the cap on the front. Depending on the period, it could be red enamel, stamped and painted in green paint, stamped with a thin layer of red enamel paint, etc... Stars for caps are sold separately in our store.Size 57 on the cap is marked as 56, in fact it is really 57 (even more), and we sell it as 57! The remaining sizes as per markings...

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Panama-hat М38 for hot climates USSR

Made of cotton fabric with thin padding, leatheritte band inside around is aginst sweat, red star of insignia cloth. Enamel star included and installed! ..

47.25 €

Side-cap RKKA command staff

Side cap "pilotka" of Red Army for WW2 and pre-war years. High-quality replica made of dark-green cloth for command staff of RKKA...

23.15 €

Side-cap USSR, sizes for children and adults

Side cap "pilotka" made of cotton diagonal fabric khaki colour. Enameled red star attached to the cap.This cap is for military-historical shows and photosets. It has simplified construction as compared to original wartime side-cap, but exterior look is the same...

3.15 €

Decal star for soviet helmet

We developed this decol using computer modelling. Proportions are accurate, star is absolutely simmetrical. Size 7 cm (2¾ in.) between left and right end points (height is the same).The hammer and sickle symbol (СиМ: серп и молот, "serp ea molot") in the center of the star is a separate decal. You can cut the SiM symbol off, then you get a star without SiM (later type).How to install the decal?Put a piece of paper with the image (nothing to cut) in warm water for 30-60 seconds. If there are advertising elements (logo or frame) on the decal, you can remove them in water (clean off with your fingers from the paper). After that, put the decal onto the surface of the helmet, hold the drawing with your finger, and pull out the paper from under it. The star has a lacquer substrate only on the pe..

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Green star for peaked-cap winter hat 32 mm

Star made of copper / copper-plated steel, painted green. WW2 or post-war Soviet production. Size (diameter) 32 mm...

4.09 €

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Red star for peaked-cap hat 32 mm overlaed symbol

The star with an overlaid hammer and sickle symbol made of brass. The overlay with the symbol of hammer and sickle was common before the war, later it was made along with the star. The front side is covered with red enamel. Diameter 32 mm. Modern copy. Suitable for military-historical reenactment and patriotic events.Price for 1 star...

4.09 €

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Red star for peaked-cap winter hat 32 mm

The star with a hammer and sickle symbol (SiM) made of copper-plated steel, the front side is covered with red enamel. Diameter 32 mm. Post-war production. Suitable for military-historical reenactment.Price for 1 star. Other items that can be seen in the photos are given for understanding the color and size of the product, are not included in the price of this product, but are sold as separate products on our website...

1.99 €

Red star for USSR side-cap 24 mm

Metal star, red enamel, with claws. Diameter 24 mm. Afterwar soviet made. May be used for military games and patriotic events...

0.40 €

Star for USSR side-cap 24 mm green

Metal star painted green, with claws. 24 mm in diameter. Afterwar Soviet made...

1.05 €

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