Russia, WW1

[on order] Belt RIA black with an eagle

The product will be produced from 4 to 6 weeks after payment, after which all the goods you ordered will be sent to your address in one parcel. It is better to order ready-made goods from the warehouse separately, then we will send them immediately.Order more leather equipment of other types in one order to get a discount!The pinless buckle with the image of the state emblem of the Russian Empire (eagle). It was used by infantry and artillery.Very high quality workmanship and processing. Excellent elastic and durable vegetable tanned leather (and not cheaper and more affordable chrome, which is used on most products), painting in several layers, varnishing, stitching with natural thread.We can make the belt of any length...

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RIA leather belt low ranks

Leather belt RIA cavalry type. Suitable for both cavalry and army infantry. Can also be used for a Soviet WWII costume.Made from high quality leather with galvanized steel buckle. Width 35 mm. Excellent quality manufacturing and processing. Vegetable tanned leather is elastic and durable (not cheaper and more accessible chrome, which is used on most products), painted in several layers, varnished, stitched with natural thread...

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Cartridge bag RIA WWI

Cartridge bags WWI, Russian Imperator's army. Made of rough tarpaulin. Button made of skin. Price for 1 pc...

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Cover for RIA field bottle simplified

A simplified case for a RIA field bottle (model 1915-1917) is made of flannel. The cotton sling over the shoulder is sewn to the cover and is not adjustable in length. The cover fits all types of aluminum and glass flasks...

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Leather strap for Mosin rifle 1891

Leather belt for Mosin rifle mod. 1891/1910 or Mosin carbine model 1907.Excellent copy. Made from brown full grain leather, undyed rawhide tips, leather adjustment buckles, brass tips. There is an ink stamp...

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Haversack Sidor RIA type

Universal backpack of the Russian soldier of WW1 period. Materials: cotton fabric, vegetable-green color, wooden boss, steel buckle. In empty form it takes up less space than any rucksack...

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stopper for glass field bottle rubber

The stopper for a Soviet glass flask. Made from food grade rubber according to GOST 1852-76 (state standard of 1976). The plugs are new, elastic, and smell pleasantly like rubber.In order not to lose the stopper, it was usually attached with a cord or thread to the cover of the flask (less often by the neck of the flask). To prevent the cork from slipping out of the lace loop. You can make a hole in it (parallel to the neck of the flask, horizontally). This can be done with a regular metal drill using a drill...

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