US original waist belt

Belt made of canvas with steel buckle. The original, made in 1943. There are anufacturer stamp, year and the US marking...

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Thompson submachine magazine pouch original

Coarse tarp pouch with carriying device (wide tarpaulin loop for the belt) for 5 magazines to the Thompson submachine gun (Tommy gun). Made in 1943 for the US Army, original. Steel burnished parts. There are stamp of the manufacturer, year and US marking.Price for 1 pc...

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Holster US original 1917 for the Colt 1911 Pistol

Original leather holster issued in 1917 for Colt pistol (COLT) model "Colt 1911" (M1911A1) .The holster is in good condition, soft leather, no significant damage. Metal parts have a characteristic green coating, which emphasizes the value of an object made a century ago.We offer holsters with different manufacturer's stamps in different condition. You need to choose before buying. If some option is not there, then it is sold out.The holster with the skin darkened from time, the hole for the peg on the lid was disheveled from numerous openings. The brand of S&? 1918 A.C. It is designated as "1918, discount". It's cheaper than others.Holster without the designation of the year of manufacture. There may be brands BOYT or S&R J.P.C., but without marking the year of manufacture. Th..

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