Hardware set for Mauser pouch

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An accurate and high-quality copy of the accessories for 1 piece of the Mauser pouch. Cheap copies of pouches often have good leather and threads, but very simplified accessories that need to be replaced. For example, pegs with a thread, not welded D-ring and so on.

The set includes 3 pegs with washers, 1 D-ring and rivets with washers of different shapes. The material is aluminum (for pouches manufactured before 1940 inclusive). There were two types of pegs for such pouches: for the central section (rounded tip, "pear" — 1 piece in a set) and for the side sections (sharp tip, "mushroom" — 2 pieces in a set).

For riveting during installation, a special stop may be needed so that the peg or rivet does not move on impact, and the tip comes out in a beautiful spherical shape. You can install the parts even without a stop or punch matrix, with a simple hammer on an anvil. Before riveting, the peg /rivet leg must be trimmed so that the tip protrudes above the washer by about ½ of its diameter.


Please note that additional rivets for such pouches are also sold here. You can also buy only pegs (see Related Products at the bottom).

The original pouch with  installed original parts in the photo is shown for comparison, it is not for sale.