Standard German rivet for equipment

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Standard aluminum rivet for German equipment (suspensions for bayonets, puches for a machine gun, ammo pouches for a carbine, etc.). A set of a rivet and a washer. Price for 1 pc.

An example of using such rivets (a copy of the 98k carbine pouch, rear view).

How to install the rivet?

To do this, you will need an anvil with a recess in the form of a hemisphere. Ideally, there should be two: for both sides of the rivet, so that the finished hat is not flattened from the blows on a flat anvil. The rivet is cut approximately to the height of the future hat (if the height of the hat is 2 mm, then it can be cut by 2-3 mm, this will become clear during the trial installation and depends on the rivet material). Insert the rivet into a ready aperture, lean a hat on the supporting anvil for support, and on the other hand beat a hammer (or a press) on a rivet through another anvil. The hemisphere drilled in the anvil forms the correct neat shape of the hat.

Some materials are recommended to be annealed or heated to achieve better ductility.

For installation of rivets of small diameter you can use a massive pair of pliers, the lip of which is made spherical dimples for the cap of the rivet. Can be installed by hand or with a hammer. This method allows you to install the rivet in a place where it is impossible to strike a direct blow (for example, to collect or repair ready-made liners, where the rivet is hidden under the outer band).