Pair of magazine pouches for MP-43/44

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Pouches for a submachine gun (Maschinenpistole, M.P.) 1938/40 (aka Sturmgewehr — sturm/gever, aka Stg.44). Made of thick canvas with brown leather details. The ring for the Y-strap is sewn into the upper corner. There is a ring for the Y-belt in the middle of each pouch. Pouches are connected by a sling with a buckle (tipped over at the back of the belt).

The set of pouches consists of right and left. The right and left pouches are mirrored, not interchangeable. The left one has a pocket for a machine for the loading device.

The pouches are sold as the set, you can buy only both pouches at once. The price is for the set (per pair) of pouches.

Historical reference.

MP pouches (Maschinenpistole, aka Sturmgewehr) were worn in pairs: left and right. They were mirrored and not interchangeable, connected to each other with a thin braid.

Each pouch consisted of three compartments slightly bent inward with a reinforced bottom. Each compartment was closed with a lid with a strap.

On the inner edge of one pouch there was a small pocket for a magazine loading mechanism. The other pouch had a larger pocket for spare parts and other accessories.

On the back side of the pouches there were two loops for attaching to the waist belt and a D-ring for supporting straps.

In early versions of pouches, details such as compartment and pocket lids, lid straps and loops were made of brown leather. On later versions the skin was replaced with braid and tarpaulin to save money.

As before, only side pocket covers were made of leather, but at the end of WW2 there were pouches without side pockets at all.

The photo shows the original magazine pouch for the MP44. More detailed photos on website