Zeltbahn tent blanket strap NVA DDR

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Leather strap with 12 or 17 holes, 58-60 cm long (including a buckle). The number of holes and the length depends on the manufacturer. All straps were made in the DDR (East Germany) after the war. They completely match the cut with the Wehrmacht straps, but the orientation of the leather is different (the glossy side is at the top, not inside, as in the Wehrmacht), metal rivets are often used instead of stitching and a metal bracket instead of a leather bar.

Price for 1 strap. To roll up a Zeltbahn, you need 2 straps, and 3 for attaching a blanket.

It can be used as a temporary inexpensive option for reenactment or purchased for the sake of aluminum fittings (completely coincides with military-issue fittings and in perfect warehouse condition). The leather is durable, flexible. There are ink stamps (early 1960s), they can be cleaned off with a skin if desired.