Zeltbahn tent blanket strap brown

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The items in the photo (Zeltbahn) are shown to show the real shades and the size of the strap. We only offer the leather strap.

Leather strap is with 16 holes, length is 55 cm (with the buckle). It has a flap with with a pin closure, it allows to fasten the Zeltbahn-roll to the belt or A-frame without opening the strap. Made from natural vegetable tanned leather. Original aluminum buckle from a warehouse.

Price for 1 strap.

Photo of the manufacturing process of similar straps of a different color.

Historical reference.

A variant of the first half of the war. It was used for attaching a Zeltbahn, a blanket. The holes are located along the entire length, which distinguishes this strap from others designed exclusively for the mess-tin. Mess-tin straps only have holes in the last third of the length.

This strap allows you to wear a mess-tin also, its length is enough.

During the war, straps with steel fittings and without an extra tongue appeared. It was produced in the same form after the war.