Strap 16 mm for tropical equipment

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Price for 10 cm, can be cut to any length. 1 meter = 10 items. For a "coconut" field bottle you need 16 units of this item (160 cm).

Wholesale price from 24 m (240 units).

Cotton strap for sand-colored equipment, 16 mm wide (the Germans used 16 mm and 18 mm for different types of equipment). Unique and rare item, not sold anywhere else. In different countries you can get different options, but most often they are wider and dark olive in color.

The strap is dense, 1.5 mm thick.

This strap can be used to make copies and repair a wide range of equipment, for example:

German field bottle "coconut" and tropical flasks in a case. As you can see in the photo, straps of various widths were used.

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Pouches of different types, for example, in the photo below for MP-44 (Germany, manufacturer jwa 44)

Photo from More photos on the site