stopper for glass field bottle rubber

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The stopper for a Soviet glass flask. Made from food grade rubber according to GOST 1852-76 (state standard of 1976). The plugs are new, elastic, and smell pleasantly like rubber.

In order not to lose the stopper, it was usually attached with a cord or thread to the cover of the flask (less often by the neck of the flask). To prevent the cork from slipping out of the lace loop. You can make a hole in it (parallel to the neck of the flask, horizontally). This can be done with a regular metal drill using a drill.

Historical reference.

Glass field bottles were used to supply the army both in the First World War and in the Great Patriotic War. Glass field bottles were used as a simplified piece of equipment, they were closed with a stopper-tap and worn in a case.

In the mid-1920s, the production of aluminum field bottles was established, which at first, like glass ones, were closed with a simple stopper-tap. Later they made flasks with a threaded lid.

Original glass field bottle of a Red Army soldier.

Before the Great Patriotic War, glass flasks were produced for Red Army soldiers along with aluminum ones. Glass and metal were the same in volume, glass, of course, heavier in weight. But the cost of glass was lower, and glass flasks were used in the Red Army to save resources and due to the simplicity of production. The scarce aluminum was sent to other priority industries.

Glass flasks in cases.