[on order] Commander's belt dark brown

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The product will be produced from 4 to 6 weeks after payment, after which all the goods you ordered will be sent to your address in one parcel. It is better to order ready-made goods from the warehouse separately, then we will send them immediately.

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Put on clothes, what you want to wear the belt over. Take another belt, tighten comfortly and mark its buckle position. Put it off, lay it flat and measure the marked lenght. Let it assume you got 101 cm. Look to the chart below: 101 cm is in the gap 92-108 cm for belt size 125. You should take this size. Better if your around measurement is clother to end of the gap, but not straight in the end.

The belt size in the table is the full length of the product. 1 inch = 2.54 cm.
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Made of leather, brass fittings. Very high quality workmanship and processing. Excellent elastic and durable vegetable tanned leather (instead of cheaper and more affordable chrome, which is used on most products), painted in several layers, varnished, stitched with natural thread.

Belt color is dark brown. Dirt is less visible and curly stitching looks more profitable on outfit of this color. Elements of Soviet equipment could be of different shades, choose for yourself.

We can make the belt of any length.