Galife pants M35 (enlisted men) RKKA

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How to choose the size?

You need to measure your waist at the navel area (the pants have high waist, they don't sit on the hips like jeans!). Then choose the Russian size in the table below (measured in centimeters). You don't have to take your pants. The pants have a drawcord in the back, which can be customized (narrow) waist, also has belt loops for a belt. Pants, picked up at the waist end-to-end, can become uncomfortable in a squat. 

Russian sizeMaximum waist, cmMaximum waist, in

The lenght of the pants may differ and depends on the size. As a rule, pants up to Russian size 50 are for 170 cm height, and sizes over 50 are for 180-185 cm. You can specify the length of pants you're going to buy if contact our store in any way before purchase.


Fabric is specially made for Soviet WW2 items: cotton "double-diagonal", khaki colour. It's very nice replica of original fabric. We use no glossy, synthetic or modern fabrics! Only correct colour and texture! Qualitative tailoring. Buttons and threads colour may differ from pictures (depends on the batch).

Historical reference.

"Galife" or "Sharovary" model 1935 was used in RKKA from during all the war. A small rear pocket was added 1944, but old model had been used untill stockpiles were depleted.