Field bottle stainless for Afghanistan or Chechnya USSR

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A field-bottle (flask) made of aluminum produced in the 1980s, painted in khaki (green-brown-yellow) colour. The flasks are new, but there are traces of improper storage (not large dents on the case).

Comes in the original case. Suitable for the reconstruction of the costume of the Soviet and Russian troops of the second half of the XX century.

The flask is carried in a tarpaulin case, the color and material of which can be quite diverse. So that the liquid does not heat up, the cover can be wetted - the flask will be cooled due to the evaporation of the liquid from the fabric.

An aluminum flask allows you to melt snow or heat water on a fire, unlike plastic ones. The Soviet model is very light and cheap compared to analogues from other countries.

Historical reference.

The army flask (soldier) of the 1935 model was updated in 1960. The changes affected the thread on the lid, which has become larger. The flask is made of food-grade aluminum and had a teardrop shape, in the 1980s. flasks of the correct oval shape were produced. The volume of the flask is 0.8 liters, covered with a protective color paint (there were also not painted).

Soviet and Russian soldiers with that field bottle. Sources: