Soviet soldier's soap with a star

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Soldier's solid soap "Star". Soap shape with a characteristic five-pointed star symbol. It has a pleasant soapy aroma and gives a thick lather.

Soldier's soap was used everywhere among the soldiers of the Red Army both for shaving and for washing hands and regular hygiene of the whole body, as well as for washing military uniforms and underwear. This soap coped with all the tasks perfectly. Army soap with a star was distributed among the soldiers of the new replenishment, while old-timers usually used civilian soap of different flavors.

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Weight 100 g. The composition of the soap includes sodium salts of fatty acids of palm and coconut oils, perfume fragrance "Verbena", antal P-2 (stabilizer of complex action, in addition to substances acting as antioxidants that protect against rancidity), high-molecular polymer compounds that increase the hardness of soap and reduce its consumption, titanium dioxide (it is included in the chemical composition of toilet soap to give the product a white color).

Historical reference.

Soldiers of the Red Army wash after the battles. Source: