Plate with an airplane NKVM USSR

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Porcelain plate — a replica of a memorial plate from the late 1920s and early 1930s. Such dishes were made in memory of service, military campaigns, for various military and political organizations. Such porcelain is called propaganda-dishes; it is collectible and, of course, for domestic use. Copies are suitable for designing expositions, filming, creating an atmosphere in reconstruction and, of course, a great gift!

The plate weighs about 300 g, has a diameter of 20 cm. The inscriptions are applied as hot decals (paint is baked into the surface at high temperature), imitating brush painting, this is not a cheap stencil. The inscriptions are fixed securely and can be washed in a dishwasher.

The inscription on the plate: "only a highly disciplined army decides success in battle".

NKVM — People's Commissariat for Military and Naval Affairs of the USSR (НКВМ, Народный комиссариат по военным и морским делам СССР). This is the central military administration body that managed the Armed Forces of the USSR. Existed 1923-1934. After that, it was replaced by the NKO (People's Commissariat of Defense). Source:

The plate is a high-quality copy, the picture is copied in details, the color is also well conveyed.