Mug sappers of Russian Imperial Army 330 ml

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Porcelain mug for tea, coffee and other beverages with the image of the Russian two-headed eagle against the background of axes — in black; emblem of engineer units. Mug is suitable for domestic use and undoubtedly is a great gift!

A durable mug of a convenient shape weights approximately 300 g and holds 330 ml of liquid. Diameter 8 cm, height almost 10 cm. The inscriptions are applied as hot decals (paint is baked into the surface at high temperature), this is not a cheap stencil. The inscriptions are fixed securely and can be washed in a dishwasher.

At the bottom there is a brand of the manufacturer: M. S. Kuznetsov Partnership. This is a family business that began at the dawn of the 19th century in Gzhel (Russian Empire) and has grown to several factories. In 1872, manufactories received the right to use the state emblem in their trademark. Actually, the Partnership of M. S. Kuznetsov was registered in 1887 and included 7 factories. Source: