Tea pair: mug & saucer GPU (ГПУ)

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Porcelain mug with saucer — a replica of dishes from the Great Patriotic War. Such dishes were produced by various factories for various military and political organizations of the USSR from the very beginning. Such porcelain is called propaganda-dishes; it was one of the tools to create a positive image and importance of the organization, along with uniforms, special insignia and unique awards. Until now, "agitfarfor" (propaganda-dishes) is an interesting collectible and, of course, for domestic use. Copies are suitable for designing expositions, filming, creating an atmosphere in reconstruction and, of course, a great gift!

A durable mug of a convenient shape and a saucer weight 412 g (together as a tea pair). Saucer is 14.5 cm in diameter, a mug with a height of 7 cm and a diameter of 8 cm has a volume 200 ml. The inscriptions are applied as hot decals (paint is baked into the surface at high temperature), this is not a cheap stencil. The inscriptions are fixed securely and can be washed in a dishwasher.

There is a manufacturer's inscription on the bottom: Полюстровский стекольно-фарфоровый трест, Полюстр. фарф. зав., РСФСР (Polyustrovsky glass-porcelain trust, Polustr. factory, RSFSR). This plant was one of the oldest enterprises producing electro-insulating products in Russia and was one of the oldest representatives of the porcelain industry in general. From 1835 to 1922 it was formed as the Kornilov Brotherhood Partnership. Under Soviet goverment, it began to be called the Polyustrovsky Porcelain Factory "Proletarij" . Unfortunately, in 2004 the company was liquidated. Source: farfor-antik.ru.

The State Political Administration (GPU) under the NKVD of the RSFSR was established on February 6, 1922 at the proposal of Lenin (when the ВЧК or VChK was abolished). The tasks facing the GPU:
• suppression of open counter-revolutionary actions, including banditry;
• security and anti-espionage measures;
• protection of railway and waterways;
• political protection of the borders of the RSFSR;
• combating smuggling and crossing the borders of the republic without appropriate permits;
• fulfillment of special instructions of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (ВЦИК) for the protection of the revolutionary order;
• disclosure of counter-revolutionary organizations and persons whose activities are aimed at undermining the economic organs of the republic.

Source: ru.wikipedia.org.