Soldier's mug RKKA 0,35 l

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Made of steel, enameled. There may be a paper label inside. There may be small chips of enamel, either inside or on the rim, as well as unevenness in the paint. Everything is visible in the photo. It is very difficult to find a mug without a single flaw, so we do not consider the described shortcomings to be defects. We can take a photo of your particular mug before sending.

Production date not set. A volume of 350 ml.

Mug fits comfortably in the "kidney" mess-tin and sits tight in it, not dangling, pressed by the lid.

Historical reference.

The mug was included in the set of World War II soldier's equipment along with a spoon. It was worn either in a backpack/bag or outside, pulled by the strap by the handle. The remains of these mugs can often be found on the ground on battlefields in Russia: their pieces are well preserved thanks to the enamel.