Red star 34 mm hammer-sickle atop

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The red enameled star with the hammer and sickle overlaid symbol in the center. Modern copy. Diameter 34 mm. Such stars were intended for privates and NCOs (sergeants etc.). Such stars were worn on winter hats, peaked-caps. Suitable for military-historical reenactment of periods from 1936 on.

Each member of the Red Army had to wear such a star on the band of his cap or on his hat. In addition, at personal request, they were allowed to wear a second such star on shirts and overcoats.

Price for 1 star.

Historical reference.

    The red star is the symbol of the Red Army. Officially, this symbol was established in 1918 as a badge in the form of a wreath of laurel and oak branches with a red star inside, a plow and a hammer were placed in the center of the star. And in this year, a badge-cockade for headgear appeared in the form of a five-pointed star covered with red enamel with a plow and a hammer in the centre. Throughout history, the appearance of the star has undergone minor changes, but the key concept of the star was relevant until 1991.
    In the pre-war years, the following classification of stars can be distinguished based on size:
    • for a cap - 24 mm,
    • for privates or non-commissioned officers - 34 mm,
    • for officers - 37 mm,
    • to the peakless cap - 30 mm.

    At the same time, the actual dimensions of the stars during production were not perfectly accurate, deviations could be up to 2 mm. Often, different rays of one star could have not exactly the same dimensions.