Toothbrush of the WhH, Red Army

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Brush with a transparent plastic handle and natural bristles. The color of the pen can be orange, pink, but always transparent. Original, post-war production. Suitable for the German and Soviet army WW2 reenactment.

The price is for 1 brush, other items in the photo are shown to improve the illustration.

There may be a recommended price marking in golden letters on the brush handle. This is not a defect or a reason for a discount. If you don't like it (for example, for the reenactment of the Heer), it can be erased with acetone or No. 646 solvent, nail wash, or wiped with a fine sandpaper; then polished with felt or wool cloth.

Historical reference.

The original toothbrush found on the battlefields in Russia.

Source: "КАМЕРАДЫ" groupsocial network VKontakte.