Field bottle canteen Krasnyj Vyborgetz for RKKA reenactment

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1950s aluminum flask, brand Red Vyborgetz (Красный Выборжец). It is similar to a flask which was used during World War II. Differences: a slightly larger thread pitch on the lid, however the shape of the lid and the flask itself is the same!

The field bottle is painted green (there are some unpainted too). The bottles are new, however, there are traces of improper storage (scratches on the case). Comes in an authentic cover (made presumable in 1940-s). Covers have no "antique" stamps like 1941. But some manufacturers stamps may present.

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Below are more field bottles. Why do several bottles have the same number? Because they are very similar, it is difficult to find differences in them. It makes no sense to assign them different numbers.

Historical reference.

Original flasks found on the battlefields in Russia. One of them is painted in 4BO (the standard color for Soviet metal equipment and equipment), and the other has apparently never been painted. All military-style flasks with characteristic fine carvings.

Source: "КАМЕРАДЫ" groupsocial network VKontakte.