Small shovel of the RKKA

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The original shovel of the Red Army military issue (WW2). Very good condition, as it was stored in military warehouses. The shovels were kept together with the same ones that bore the hallmarks of 1943-1945. All stamped shovels are sold out. These shovels (absolutely the same) do not have stamps, or have unreadable stamps, or the stamps are clogged (erased).

Shovels are sold "as is". They can immediately be used in reconstruction. It is possible to improve the condition with your own hands: remove the conservation paint, clean the handle from dirt, tighten or replace the bolts on the handle. There may be chips or cracks on the handle (see photo). I think it was there originally during production. All handles are strong and durable.

Price for 1 shovel. Other items that can be seen in the photos are given for understanding the color and size of the product, are not included in the price of this product, but are sold as separate products on our website.

Weight 740 g.

Historical reference.

A shovel of this design (the handle is fixed with two screws on the side) began to be produced in 1942. Before that, shovels with a crimp ring on the handle were used in the Red Army. The code name "МПЛ-50" (where 50 is the length of the shovel in centimeters, not the year the production began) stands for "малая пехотная лопата", which means "small infantry shovel".