RKKA shoulder strap canvas

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How to choose the size?

Size 2 = from the lower edge of the waist belt in front over the shoulder to the lower edge of the belt at the back maximum 110 cm, normal wearing 90 cm.

Size 3 = maximum 120 cm, norm 100 cm.


The copy of the shoulder straps of the Red Army, the army unloading system of the Second World War. They were intended to redistribute the weight of equipment from the waist belt to the soldier's shoulders.

It is a braid sewn into the Y-shape with loops at the ends, into which a waist belt should be threaded. Such piece of equipment is indispensable when you need to carry a large number of things to perform tactical tasks.

In the Red Army, such straps were part of the marching equipment of such units as infantry, special forces of rifle troops. They were used in the pre-war period and in the first months of the war.