[on order] Belt RIA black with an eagle

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This belt does not have a minimum size, as it is smoothly adjustable. The maximum waist is 112 cm.


The product will be produced from 4 to 6 weeks after payment, after which all the goods you ordered will be sent to your address in one parcel. It is better to order ready-made goods from the warehouse separately, then we will send them immediately.

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The pinless buckle with the image of the state emblem of the Russian Empire (eagle). It was used by infantry and artillery.

Very high quality workmanship and processing. Excellent elastic and durable vegetable tanned leather (and not cheaper and more affordable chrome, which is used on most products), painting in several layers, varnishing, stitching with natural thread.

We can make the belt of any length.

Historical reference.

The first belt buckle depicting a double-headed eagle appeared in 1834. In 1855, plaques with such symbols were received by the Guards infantry regiments, the Life Guards garrison battalion, the Guards disabled companies, the Guards furshtat brigade and other units of the Russian army.

The image of the eagle was subjected to some changes during the time. The most notable change came in 1857, when the eagle's wings turned up.

In addition to the figure of the double-headed eagle, there were spinners with a crown, crossed axes, cannons, with the image of grenada with a flame, depending on the units of the army.