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Brown leather pouch with brass and steel parts for the Simonov automatic rifle (AVS).

The SVT and AVT pouches, as well as the general Mosin pouches, are very similar, however, each type was originally produced for its own rifle and they all have differences. In wartime, pouches were produced from materials of different quality, color and texture, so even within the same type of pouches there is a wide variety of samples.

Price for 1 pouch.

Historical reference.

The Simonov automatic rifle (AVS-36) was adopted by the Red Army in 1936. However, in the winter of 1939-1940, its significant shortcomings were identified, after which the rifle was discontinued and replaced with a more reliable and cheaper SVT (Tokarev Self-Loading Rifle). Previously produced ABCs continued to be in service with the Red Army and were used until the end of the war.

Source: placdarm.net