Ammo pouch Patronetasche to carbine Mauser 98k

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Very good copy of cartridge bags for the Mauser 98 rifle and Mauser 98k carbine. Looks like original mint. Leather of surface dyeing is 2 mm thick (for lids and pockets) and 3 mm thick (for the back wall and straps) is used. Granulation of the correct size is on the surface. The color is black on the outside and natural beige from the inside. All cuts are finished with a clear varnish. Metal parts are steel, galvanized. There are dividers in each pocket, made not of ordinary leather (as on cheap copies) but of hard material. Stamped Lederwerk Sedina Finkenwalde 1940 on the back side.

Only close study can show some simplifications. For example, the central ring is welded on a straight section, and not on an arc, as it was on originals. All pegs of the same shape (the originals had central one of a slightly different shape than the side ones).

Sure you can use original pouches for the reenactment, but they have one big drawback: the tongues often come off. Even more, the “old” pouches, even if they are well preserved to this day, “get tired” quickly and look like leather bags... But our new onesa are strong, have a neat rectangular shape and a nice look.

A frontline soldier had 2 pouches (rearward soldiers had usually 1 pouch). Price for 1 pc. (not for a couple).

Historical reference.

Such "cartridge bags" for the Mauser rifle of 1998 (Patronentasche - cartridge bag from German) were used in the First and Second World War. The most massive production pouch of the German soldier of the XX century.