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Brown leather pouch with brass and steel details for the Tokarev sniper rifle (SVT). Rectangular D-ring for backpack hook, Y-shaped front strap.

The SVT and AVT pouches, as well as the general Mosin pouches, are very similar, however, each type was originally produced for its own rifle and they all have differences. In wartime, pouches were produced from materials of different quality, color and texture, so even within the same type of pouches there is a wide variety of samples.

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Historical reference.

SVT-38 / SVT-40 - Self-loading rifle Tokarev model 1938 and 1940. Among the soldiers she was called "Sveta" or "Svetka" (from a Russian female name). The Tokarev rifle was supposed to become the main rifle of the Red Army and replace the obsolete Mosin rifle.

Special pouches were produced for the SVT Until 1941. It had one rigid partition and didn't have an exhaust strap. In earlier models, It also had a ring attached to the back wall. During the war years, pouches were simplified and universalized for mass production for different types of rifles and machine guns.

The original of the early model of the pouch for SVT. Sources: forum.guns.ruwar-time.ru