Carrying strap sling for PPSh original 1942-43

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The original army carrying strap produced during the Second World War (barely readable stamps for 1942-1943) for the Shpagin submachine gun PPSh. Slings can have slight differences in color, accessories, etc. (which was inherent in all Soviet equipment produced in wartime).

A rare and high-quality collectible item! A great addition to your reenactment weapon.

We offer 2 versions of the straps: with a leather buckle or a leather cord. In both versions, the strap is fastened to weapon with leather straps sewn to the body of the strap. The option that is in stock can be selected and put in the basket. If some option is not there, then it is not currently available. Perhaps it will appear later.

A strap with a leather buckle (left) and a drawstring (right). All belts are very different. We can photograph any of them for you, please contact us..