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Soviet army "kirsa" high-boots (leather nose, kirsa shaft), manufactured in 1980-s. Original factory-made high-boots from army stock, not modern copy! The USSR quality.

Suitable for military games and affordable for reenactment. The correct copy or original is still more expensive and have only minor differences.

All boots are new and durable. All boots have slight differences:
• year of manufacture and marking on the sole;
• leather shine grade;
• sole protector pattern (there's "herringbone", but these were different for different factories);
• the presence or absence of loops (which are taken with the fingers when pulling the boots) on the top of the shaft;
• height and width of the shaft.

We can provide you with the photos and measurements of your couple before buying, just ask about it.

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Historical reference.

Kirsa for boots — leather substitute: rough fabric that impregnated with a synthetic resin from outside. The name comes from Kersey town (Suffolk, Great Britain) where coarse woolen fabric had been produced. It was called in Russian "kersa" before the Revolution.

Boots during WW2 had "pimple-sole", later "tractor-sole" was adopted. Archeological findings show that first variations of "tractor" had already been used during the war. Also, the boots of the Second World War period had slight differences in the details' cut.