MP-38/40 pouch black leather 1940+

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Pouches for a submachine gun (Maschinenpistole) 1938/40. Made of thick cotton fabric with firm black leather details. The ring for Y-strap is on side on the strap. Pouches bear no stamps.

The set of pouches consists of right and left. Right and left pouches are mirrored, not interchangeable. Left one has a pocket for the loading device.

Pouches are sold separately, you can buy only the left for example. The price is for one pouch.

Historical reference.

Pouches for MP-38/40 were made of cotton or rayon thick fabric (tarpaulin). The color of the fabric could be different shades of green, gray, brown, khaki. The Luftwaffe pouches could be from gray (blue-gray) material. The skin could be either unpainted (natural vegetable tanned leather: light beige colour) or dyed: brown or black.

MP-38/40 pouches variations. Photo from

Pouches with textile straps were not uncommon.

Left: A pouch of blue-gray material, supposedly made in 1939 for assault troops on Crete. Right: pouches with textile slings are also of an early model, designed for hot climates. Photos from

Until 1942, the Y-belt belt ring was sewn into the corner of the pouch.

Pouch (left) of olive fabric with unpainted (and darkened with time) skin. It bears jsd41 stamp. Photos from the

From 1942, the ring for Y-belt was moved to the side of pouch with the special strap. It gave more freedom to a soldier when moving with fully filled pouches.

Pouches (left) of khaki-colored fabric with clg43 (with black leather) and gfg1943 stamps. Photos from

Also completely leather pouches are known, they were produced in 1941-43. Below is a photo of the original leather pouch with the evg42 stamp from