Y-strap for infantry

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Attention! This Y-strap has no front hooks! You should buy them separately and install. Ends of leather straps must be wet to be soft.

Very good replica of German Y-strap (early period of WW2). It's made of tight and resilent bull leather. Leather is not pressed, of natural colour (we hew only vegetable tanned skins for the belts) and calibrated down to required thickness. Smooth side of leather is inside, that sets German leather equipment apart from for example Soviet. Black matt finish is on face (outer) side. Cuts and edges have accurate facets. Metal parts are hight-quality replicas of aluminum, rings are welded.

How to choose a size?

We offer 2 sizes: standard (standard for the German army since the Second World War) and enlarged (for people taller than 180 cm or with clothing sizes from 56-RUS or XXL). The increased size of the front straps is 10 cm longer than the standard one, and is made for modern re-enactors, the German industry did not produce these.

The waist belt should be worn at the navel / lower rib. Pay attention to the holes for the support hooks on your jacket M36/40/42. The lower edge of your waistbelt should be at this level! Combat belt should not be worn below the navel!

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