Pair of front hooks for mountain backpack

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Front hooks for a German mountain backpack. Clearance width 27 mm (for a 25 mm belt). Original item!

There are paired hooks on one manufacturer's stamp (price per pair), there are hooks without a pair (price for 1 hook). The price is calculated automatically when you select an option next to the "Add to cart" button.

Material is aluminum, various brands (pair hooks): D&C, WG, L&F, AG, SC, there are unpaired and without brands. If you are interested in any specific manufacturer's marks, write to us and we'll see which ones are left in stock.

The shapes of the hooks had a lot of small differences, which depended both on the manufacturer and on the time of production. There may be traces of repair (visible in the photo), the hooks are ready for use on backpacks for their intended purpose. If you want the hooks to become matte, they can be tumbled (shaken in a bag of stones) or treated with a light acid solution (such as rust remover).

Historical reference.

This hook should not be confused with the one used on Luftwaffe belts! They were 5 mm smaller in height and had a clearance of 22 mm (for a belt of 21 mm). They are not interchangeable. In the photo below, the hook for the backpack is on the left, and for the belt - on the right.

In the photo above is an original backpack of mountain Jäger.

Original Luftwaffe backpack.