1 pc. forward long D-ring for Y-strap

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Long D-shaped ring for auxiliary strap of the German infantry Y-strap. One Y-strap needs 2 rings.

We offer rings made of aluminum and steel. The rings are bent from a wire with a diameter of 4 mm. The rings are not painted.

On aluminum, the seam is welded, polished. Steel ring has brass brazed seam. 

Price is for 1 ring (even if they are normally pair). You can buy 1 or more. You can put the ring metal option in the shopping-cart if it's in stock. If some option is not available, then it is not currently sold out. Perhaps it will appear later.

Historical reference.

Until 1940, the Germans used aluminum parts for equipment. Aluminum parts were usually not painted. The photo shows a belt with aluminum fittings, made by A. DAHL from the city of W-BARMEN in 1939. Photo from the site mp44.eu.

The rings were either bent from wire and welded, or cast. There have never been rings with a break (that is, bent, but with an unclosed seam).

Since 1940, in order to save cost, the Germans began to use steel for accessories for equipment. Steel fittings almost completely repeated aluminum in design. The steel fittings were almost always painted gray. Apparently, the Germans tried to imitate aluminum for design reasons, because for practical reasons, this color does not make sense.

Steel rings were usually bent from a wire with a welded or soldered joint. Again, there were also no open-seam rings in the steel fittings, which are quite common in cheap tourist equipment nowadays.

Below is a shoulder belt made in 1942 (RUDOLF CONTENACHE THEODOR SEIBOD OFFENBACH A.M. 1942). Photo from the site mp44.eu.