Pin for Y-strap rear long

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Pin (button, lug) for German soldier's Y-strap. For rear strap only (side straps had pins of less height). Leg height is 8 mm, total height 12 mm. Made of aluminum.

The same pin was used in harness for German gasmask canister. You neen 2 pins for one set of straps.

We offer these screws made of aluminum or steel: for early and late (production after 1940) Y-straps, respectively. Usually all the parts in one product were made of same metal, but during the early 1940s there was a gradual transition to steel instead of aluminum, and a mixture of parts was encountered. The factories used stocks of what was left over from the 1930s along with new steel parts.

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Price for 1 piece. You need 1 peg for 1 Y-strap, but some use such "long" peg for side straps (depends on the thickness of the leather and the preferences of the craftsman), so you may need 3 pcs. We also sell other accessories for the Y-strap. See the recommended products below.