Aluminium liner to M35/40 German helmets

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How to choose the size?

Measure your head with a flexible meter horizontally around above the ears before purchase, and find out the size of your head (the same size has the liner). If you choose the size of the liner to match the size of your helmet, then it will fit your helmet, but not necessarily your head. The Germans had 6 sizes of helmets, each size was intended only for two adjacent head sizes. In other words, it is impossible to pull the ET62 helmet on the head 58 cm, it doesn't depend on liner size.


There is no size stamp on the rim on sizes 55, 56 (only an ink stamp on the leather). The brand of the manufacturer is on all the liners.

A copy of the German liner. The sizes are accurate and the materials are carefully selected. Aluminum bands, 1.5 mm leather, beige or brown felt. On the sides of the band are size stamps (for example, 58/66 n. A., where 58 is the size of the head, and 66 is the size of the helmet). Size stamp is embossed on the inner rim also. The inner rim of the steel spring (Balaclava transition period of 1940, when often used parts made of aluminum and steel in the same product)! There is also the name of the manufacturer on the band (BERL. KOFFERFABRIK MAX DENSOW, a suitcase factory in Berlin is not the most popular, but one of the first manufacturers of these liners). Head size is stamped on a leather petal (the number in the circle, for example, 58). Earrings are aluminum, rectangular. Springs are painted feild-gray or middle gray. Cream color leather.

Split-pins and chin-strap are not included in the set. They are sold separately. In this product, we offer what is seen in the photo, that is, the liner assembled with leather and the lace.

The M35 and M40 liners are interchangeable, both types of liners were installed in M35 and M40 helmets without any system (given only that the steel liners began to be produced in 1940, and the aluminum ones were finished and used in the same year).

Historical reference.

The liner of 1931/38 was assembled from aluminum bands, and since 1938 the outer band has been reinforced with side plates.