Chin strap for SSh-36 canvas

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Chin strap for helmets SSh-36 (helmet with crest, SSh-36 means steel helmet model of 1936). Made of canvas, stitched in three lines with a dense overlock reinforcement at the end of the strap for reliability and ease of use. Steel buckle.

Suitable for military-historical reconstruction, additions to collections and thematic exhibitions.

Historical reference.

SSH-36 - a steel helmet of the 1936 model for a soldier of the Red Army. Other names "Red Army steel helmet of the sample of 1935", "Halchingolka". The helmet was distinguished by a wide brim at the base, a large low visor and a crest at the top. It was the first helmet launched into mass production in the USSR. Previous developments have not been brought to production.

A prototype helmet was sent to Marshal of the Soviet Union Budyonny S. M., who tested the strength of the helmet by cutting the helmet with a saber. As a result of the check, the helmet was modified with wide side fields to protect the fighter's shoulders from a chopping blow from above. The fields were supposed to deflect the cavalryman's cutting blade from the soldier's shoulder.

However, in combat conditions, a number of shortcomings were revealed, including the helmet fields created a “sail effect”, a large visor reduced visibility. Therefore, in 1939 was developed a new model SSH-39, then SSH-40 (models 1939 and 1940). Red Army gradually began to replace the old-style helmets with new models. So the SSH-36 was distributed in the Red Army along with the SSH-40 until about 1943. By 1945, SSH-36 were very rare, mostly in the Far East during the Soviet-Japanese War.

A sapper in a SSH-36 helmet.

Soviet soldiers in SSH-36 helmets, 1941.