Spring for German helmet

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Spring to the liner of the German helmet (model 1931 that was used in M35, M40 and M42 helmets). Price for 1 piece (you need 5 pcs. for 1 liner).

The spring are used to restore an original liner (original springs usually rot or become brittle there). Also to replace low-quality springs in copies of liners (these are usually of wrong size or thickness).

Our springs are painted. The original springs were painted at least until the optimization of the helmet production process in 1940. The installation of painted springs in the liners continued until they ended up in warehouses. In helmet liners produced in the middle of the war painted springs almost never occured.

The springs were different in length, due to the diameter of the liner. There were 5 springs in a liner of any size (diameter), but springs' length changed. There is no table matching the length of the spring to the size of the helmet liner. Manufacturers, most likely, put springs, which simply fit in size and were available. We have made 2 sizes for all liner sizes that are used by modern reenactors: 21 cm for helmets 60, 62 and 64 (head 52-57) and 23 cm for helmets 66, 68 and 70 (head 58-63).