Chin-strap for М40/42 helmet

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Strap to the German helmet M40 or M42 with a steel buckle and bosses. The steel fittings are painted in light gray, as it was in the original. Thick flesh-colored leather, waxed thread. Made exclusively for the Replica store! Very high quality.

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The strap is set so that the buckle is on the left cheek, and the tips are turned out (so that the light skin can be seen from the outside). Remember that the bosses are designed for a single connection, that is, it will be impossible to unbutton the boss without damaging the skin.

Historical reference.

Straps with steel parts began to be produced in 1940. They were installed on helmets produced (or repaired) after 1940, including the 1935 model sphere, if it was assembled into a ready-made helmet after 1940.

Steel fittings were painted in light gray of various shades. It was necessary to paint the fittings, otherwise they would quickly rust. The color was chosen, perhaps to imitate the color of aluminum, because it would be more logical to use feldgrau colour. Until the end of the war, accessories were painted gray, and only at the very end of the war on some products (flasks, gaiters) could be found with green or black hooks and buckles.