Hobnails for German boots (original)

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Original hobnails for German military boots of World War 2. Nails are made of steel, not rusty, from original package of 1940-s. 6 facets, one leg.

Price for 1 nail.

Historical reference.

6-facet type was widespread from the beginning of 1940-s. 7-facet type was more common in 1930-s but was used up during the war and now is very hard to find.

Furthermore hobnails with round head and other variations were used that time, but not for German military footwear. There were lots of nail kinds in Europe in the 1-st part of the XXth century: flat heads, cone heads etc.

Picture: original German hobnails with round heads. Picture from ebay.de + computer enhancing.

Picture: original German hobnails with 5 facets. Picture from ebay.de