Edelweiss BeVo WhH mountain troops' sleeve insignia

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The patch is copied from an original sample exclusively for the Replika store. This is a custom design with neat colors and details.

An edelweiss flower in an oval made of rope with a ring and a hook at the top. The edelweiss has white petals and a yellow fluffy center, the stem is green, the rope is light-gray, and the ring and hook are silver. There were options where the ring and a hook was made white or gray (in order to save colors), but the most common option is silver thread. The insignia is on a dark green background for the Heer units during 1930s. 

The size is approximately 6x7 cm.

Historical reference.

Mountain Jäger were elite troops, and their training required time and labor. In addition to the unique elements of the uniform (caps, boots, pants made of special material), they wore signs with the image of the mountain flower of Edelweiss on the uniform.

The badge was worn on the right sleeve (above the elbow, the upper point of the oval below the shoulder seam by 16 cm).

Signs on a dark green background were used in the Wehrmacht, in the SS the background of all insignia was black. In the SS, mountain units appeared later than in the Wehrmacht. In 1940, the Heer adopted Edelweiss patches on the Feldgrau (field gray) background (as well as other insignia in this color scheme), but the "early" patches continued to be used by soldiers, showing they are "the old guard".

The signs could be embroidered or woven (the so-called BeVo technique). Woven signs were particularly good at conveying small details and were cheaper to produce than embroidered ones, so they were massively used in the Wehrmacht.

The original Edelweiss patch is made in the BeVo technique (woven). Photo: replik.ru