Felt wool for the field bottle cover blank

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We often come across a request to make not the cover that we have, but a slightly different one. We cannot make products to order, because we make them in large batches in order to reduce the unit price. But we can give you the opportunity to make the kind of cover you want.

Felt of brown color, dense, flexible, thickness of 2 mm. A piece of 21×56 cm is enough for 1 case for any field bottle (even for a Jaeger field bottle, which has many additional details).

Composition: 90% sheep wool, 10% other inclusions. This felt is not very homogeneous, it is more similar to the felt used in the second half of the war. At the beginning of the war, the felt was made of very fine wool and was literally a hat felt.

How to work with felt?

The felt part does not need to be wetted, it becomes smaller in width and length, but thicker. It is possible (and necessary) to wet only a ready-made cover put on a flask; this will make cover fit better in shape. Felt can be painted, burned to give it color and texture. Felt does not have a linear structure like fabric or cloth; it is a felted material. Therefore, details can be cut in any direction. Felt can be stretched, flattened (with a special rolling machine), in this sense it looks like a very viscous plasticine.