Officer leather Mapcase

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The copy of the field mapcase (German: Meldekartentasche) for Wehrmacht and SS officers. Made of high quality surface dyed leather with correct grain size, all cuts are finished. The color is black on the outside, brown on the inside. No manufacturer's marks.

On the back side are sewn leather straps for fastening on a waist belt. The fittings are steel, painted black.

It was used for placing maps and other documents. Such model was widespread after 1940.

Historical reference.

Such a case for storing maps in the field (German: Meldekartentasche) was part of the equipment of non-commissioned officers and officers of the Wehrmacht and SS. Often it was used to store various documents and other military personnel, such as signalmen, truck drivers, couriers, etc. In the mapcase, in addition to papers, a compass, pencil, ruler, compass and other stationery were conveniently placed.


An example of the original field bag for maps. More photos in detail on the website