Muzzle caps for weapon

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Caps on the barrel of the weapon (muzzle safety caps). The original, from Russian battlefields. No cracks or damage (unless otherwise noted). Color is feldgrau (dull green), sometimes with a brown bloom. Caps may be slightly deformed from improper storage, this can be corrected if heated (in warm water) and put on the barrel for a long time. We have several types of caps. Prices for different types vary.

Please understand that these are original items that have seen the war and no longer produced. Therefore, we do not sell them at a low price. Just not enough for everybody.

We have (sometimes) the following types:

Outer diameter
of the muzzle

Historical reference.

Such caps protected the gun barrel from dirt and water. Initially, the Germans created a complex metal product with a metal cover and a seal, which was put on the muzzle. But the Eastern Front showed that it was difficult to remove and even open this metal cap in case of a sudden attack in low temperatures. Then they began to supply rubber or plastic caps (the material was called "Mipolam"), 3 per 1 barrel, which could be just shoot away without wasting time with a sudden attack.