Pin peg pear-shape for spade carrier, MP-pouches

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Pin for the German equipment. It was used as the main fastener in the carrier of the foldable shovel, magazine-pouches to the MP-38/40 submachine gun, at the pouch to the muzzle mortar, pouch to the MG machine gun and many other equipment parts. The "pear" shape is ideal for multiple buttoning and unbuttoning. The height of the leg is 4 mm, the dimensions without the leg (that is, the size of the peg installed on the product) is approximately 8×8×8 mm.

We sell pegs and washers made of aluminum and steel. The material can be selected from the list near the "Add to cart" button. If the desired material is not in the list, then such pegs are over. You can write to us and we will start production.

The kit includes a washer. Price for 1 piece (pin + washer).

Historical reference.

Examples of using such a peg are shown in the photo below. Folding shovel case and MP-38/40 pouch.

Photo by user echofix from the forum