Leather pouch Mosin

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Two-section pouch of the highest quality. Carefully selected light brown grained leather, brass pegs, steel rivets, rectangular aluminum D-ring for backpack hook. Ink stamp "КУТЁБА АРТ. ТРУД  VI 40" for 1940, where "АРТ." - means an artel. An excellent copy made of genuine leather of premium quality, suitable for the military-historical reconstruction of the image of a Red Army soldier.

Price for 1 pouch.

Historical reference.

The pouch used until 1936 was not much different from the leather pouches of the RIA (Russian Imperial Army). In the 30s, the Red Army carried out the modernization of equipment. So, in 1935-1936, the pouch was supplemented with a D-ring for attaching to a knapsack. The two-section pouch model appeared in 1937 and was produced until July 1941.

There were also differences in pouches from different manufacturers. The front straps were Y-shaped or solid, the shape of the frames for the knapsack hooks were different shapes. The details of the pouch could be either completely stitched or attached to the holnitens (rivets for the permanent connection of parts). At the same time, all pouches had a two-layer back wall.

Since 1941, tarpaulin along with leather has been used for the production of pouches. In the same year, a new pouch model appeared, which was suitable for both Mosin clips and SVT magazines. But already in October 1941, instead of the previous types of cartridge bags, they began to produce a simplified cartridge bag, which was suitable for cartridges in a clip or one SVT magazine.

Примеры оригинальных подсумков к винтовке Мосина.

Бойцы Красной Армии с двухсекционным подсумком на ранцевом зацепе.

Источник статья Никиты Протасова в группе VK военно-исторического клуба «Штурмовик».