Gas mask bag 1936/38 with pockets

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Attention! The fabric may differ from the one shown in the photo, but remains within the historical accuracy. During the war, equipment for the army was made from all possible materials of suitable color and strength, it is rare to find 2 absolutely identical items in someone's collection.

The gas mask bag of the Red Army, model 1936/38. They call her "eared" (due to the characteristic appearance with two pockets for accessories that look like ears). Material: Soviet camp tent (canvas) from the 1970s-80s. - dense and thin material. Soviet-made sling. The buckle is an authentic copy, blued.

Inside there are partitions in the bag, the dimensions of the compartments are respected, you can wear both standard (pre-war) gas masks PM and MT-4, as well as post-war models, which are usually smaller. The bag can accommodate a mask, filter and gas mask accessories. The bag is sold empty.

The bag holds its shape perfectly even without a gas mask. There are manufacturer's ink marks.

Historical reference.

The gas mask bag of the 1936 model was sewn from canvas or tarpaulin. Inside the bag there were three compartments, and on the outside there were two voluminous pockets on the sides (for which it was nicknamed “eared”). A ribbon with a carabiner and a ring were sewn into the rear side seams of the bag for attaching the bag to the fighter’s body in the “ready” position. The rest of the time, this braid was rolled up and stored in the bag.

Such bags were produced until approximately 1942.

Photo of Red Army soldiers with a “eared” gas mask bag.